Welcome to Astropy’s Documentation!


Astropy is a community-driven package intended to contain much of the core functionality and some common tools needed for performing astronomy and astrophysics with Python.

Getting help

If you want to get help or discuss issues with other Astropy users, you can sign up for the astropy mailing list. Alternatively, the astropy-dev list is where you should go to discuss more technical aspects of Astropy with the developers.

Reporting issues

If you have come across something that you believe is a bug, please open a ticket in the Astropy issue tracker, and we will look into it promptly.

Please try to include an example that demonstrates the issue and will allow the developers to reproduce and fix the problem. If you are seeing a crash then frequently it will help to include the full Python stack trace as well as information about your operating system (e.g. MacOSX version or Linux version).

Developer Documentation

The developer documentation contains instructions for how to contribute to Astropy or affiliated packages, as well as coding, documentation, and testing guidelines.

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